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8 Tips to Fight Depression

This is has been a really tough year, with much hardship on many levels, pressure on relationships, finances, families and in our work. A lot of people will have felt low, unhappy or depressed. We are all different and what helps to break through the bubble for one person may not be the same for another.

Its hard but it’s useful to know what you are feeling, like whether it is anger, or sadness, frustration, boredom, or powerlessness. It just might be that you feel completely stuck, depression can be like a wake up call to make a change to your life, the following exercises might help you uncover what is happening inside you

1. For creativity: Take a large sheet of paper and challenge yourself to paint with colour as fast as you can, or doodle or with a black marker pen, it does not have to look good it is the doing that is important

2. For physicality: Play a piece of music that you really like, preferably without words, and dance to it, World music is particularly good, you can experiment with the rhythms of Africa, cajun music from Louisiana, Cuban, Celtic, Latino, many many more

3. For feelings: Take a sheet of paper and write about what you are experiencing without stopping for as long as you can, it is private, nobody but you will see what you have written.

4. For self esteem: Find something about yourself that you like, focus on it, write it down, treasure it, feel appreciation for yourself. You may be able to notice more things about you that allow you to feel compassion for yourself.

5. Find one activity: One thing in the day that you can enjoy, whether it is reading, gardening, walking, bathing, or something new, try and build a routine into your life where you include things you enjoy.

6. Explore various ways of relaxation: a candle lit bath, creative visualisation (on the web), yoga, mindfulness, even taking a few deep breathes.

7. Eat Better: Try and eat regularly, cut back on alcohol and stimulants, the challenge is to love and look after yourself

8. Friendships: How often are you in contact with other people ? Consider whether there are people you know you might be able to talk to on the phone or even meet up with.

If you feel like you need help and support to move through what is troubling you and want to make permanent changes to your life then you are welcome to contact me to arrange a one to one consultation:

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