• “Thank for your help Alan, I couldn’t of got through it without you” - K Newton Abbot

  • “I can now trust people more, be more honest about what I’m feeling instead of shutting myself away" – B Chudleigh

  • “I can now wake what up and enjoy the day as it happens, six weeks ago I felt like a mangled mess. Thank you” – C Bovey Tracey

  • “At last I’m starting to think of doing things that I enjoy for myself, which I would have never done before. Thank you so much” - J Newton Abbot

  • “If I hadn’t come to see you, I would have felt stuck as a person I was” P Ashburton

  • “I think guilt is a big part of depression. I have also felt very angry. When I first came to see you, I was either with the anger or the guilt, but never in the middle. I felt heavy with the weight of these two feelings. Now I feel much lighter” G Newton Abbot